Operator #1

Name: Marian Simeon

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Appearance: Marian is fair skinned with a rosy complexion and sandy blond hair, which she wears usually wears in a braid, hanging to the spot just beneath her shoulder blades, sometimes over one shoulder. Her eyes are deep brown and long-lashed. She wears a modest amount of makeup most of the time. She usually dresses in a mommish way, with cute but frumpy clothes and an affinity towards mom jeans. Her taste in clothing is a lot stranger than her appearance suggests; she still owns a lot of merch from obscure fandoms that she holds on to for sentimental value. She used to have a conventional knock-out body but recently has put on a bit of weight, which she's self-conscious about, but not enough so to pick up healthy exercise habits. Still, her curviness is mostly in the right places, if a bit much in the hips.

Personality: As the one who married in, Marian often feels like she has to make up for lost time. She is also concerned about the rest of her family dynamic: she's the lower earner and she's ashamed of her former sordid past as a super-nerd and how it might affect her stepson. Her love for her family shines through in most aspects of her life, as she's more devoted to being a good mom now than anything... although she has a hard time giving up her past as an otaku queen. Most of all, she wants to hide her obsession with vampires, which makes her current navi situation a very hard spot for her. In terms of her family, she is often the doer and the one who takes charge, even though it doesn't come naturally to her. She and Tajana have a lovey-dovey relationship that can be a bit grating at times. She and her stepson, Alexandru, seem almost closer than his blood mother and he do. Has a tendency to over-react to things and let her imagination run wild.

Background: For a long time, since her childhood, Marian was a girl to act out. In defiance of her parent's dreams, she became thoroughly entangled in all kinds of unusual hobbies: before she was the queen of cosplay, she was a secretive master doujinshi artist. Before she was a secretive master doujinshi artist, she was an underground blogger. But before she was a blogger, even, she was a vampire enthusiast. As a child, Marian made up a vast world of vampires, including her navi, Daybreak, based on the Daybreaker novel series, created by her future lover, Tajana Vukanovic. The two of them met later in life at a convention, they fell in love, and the rest is history. These days, Marian's gone back to the blogging work, the only that doesn't necessarily correlate to her old nerd hobbies. It's not especially lucrative for her, but luckily, her wife still makes a lot of money.

Marian doesn't have any complicated goals now but to change her life and try to become a responsible mom. This is partially because she's come to resent her past hobbies (in an admittedly snooty sort of way), but just as much because it is clear that Tajana needed the help. Her other personal mission is to try to avoid dying of embarrassment by way of her ridiculous navi, who is obsessed with imaginary vampires. Daybreak is a necessary malefactor in her life: while preaching the importance of being thrifty to her family, she is powerless to avoid using her old personal navigator from her school days, who was recently resurrected from a long period of hibernation within a forgotten PET. She feels guilty for losing the PET, but in truth, she is sick of and embarrassed by vampires, vampire hunters, and anything tangentially related to vampires. She and her navi are not the best of friends. Unfortunately, breaking her navi's delusions has proved impossible, as Daybreak is thoroughly entranced, as she lived in a PET with nothing but elaborate vampire fiction, vampire world building, and experimental not-entirely-work-safe comics. More on that later.


Operator #2

Name: Tajana Vukanovic

Age: 40

Gender: Female

Appearance: Many have joked (and one seriously monologued) that Tajana is a vampire herself, as she has mostly resisted the effects of aging. At the age of forty, she is sometimes seen as the younger in her relationship. The novelist has long, jet-black hair, furthering the vampire image; it's naturally wavy and picturesque, despite her doing little to tend it. Her eyes are sharp, but also remarkably black, and her features are unnaturally even. Her body shape is the opposite of her wife's: her flowing, flowery garments can only do so much to hide her unfortunate thinness. Thankfully, having someone to look after her is improving her shape a little. She has a tendency to brood and posture in a way that looks like one of the characters out of her novel rather than a real person. As alluded to earlier, she dresses in a way that looks, well, like a vampire, favoring very dark colors, long coats, and frilly blouses. Despite what many might think, she even dresses that way around the house.

Personality: Tajana can seem unapproachable, because she seems so surreal; her way of carrying herself and the seriousness with which she treats her subject matter both make her stand out amongst others. The truth is she's just a very private person. She becomes bashful in the presence of others, even if she doesn't show it outwardly, and has a very hard time talking to people, let alone being intimate. Recently, she's very concerned that, perhaps despite or perhaps because of her contented domestic life, she's losing some of the dark edge that gave spark to her greatest works. As a result, she's bound and determined to do something to inspire herself, and has become a bit more adventurous in trying new things. She likes to let Marian take the lead on everything, when possible. Her views are pretty open-minded, but it's easy for others to mistake that lack of a judging mentality as apathy.

Background: On the cutting edge of vampire fiction characters stands the Daybreaker, a vampire hunter created by Tajana Vukanovic. Most critics agree that the earliest novels were the greatest; although there is some argument regarding the first through third, it is generally stated that the fourth and fifth have been of deteriorating quality. Ironically, as Tajana's life brightens, so do her works dull; it could be said that her troubled early writing years fed her work, or that work was an outlet for her, but whatever the case, she seems to have lost her mind for vampires. That said, she wouldn't trade the new days for the old ones. She and her husband separated years back with little love lost; she now has sole custody of Alexandru, but she wouldn't trade that either. The two of them were both very troubled after that time, but Marian has become glue that helps keep them together.

Her current goal is to try to find the proper balance of living happily while maintaining the right state of mind to write a dark, sinister story. She hopes that Marian, Daybreak, and herself can put their heads together to come up with new ideas. She's especially hopeful that the tormented battles of, Daybreak, a woman who lives the waking nightmare of being persistently haunted by vampires, will help to inspire her. She's currently working on the sixth Daybreaker book.