Name: Phillip (Phil) Hughes [Main] and Bethany (Beth) Hughes [Extra]
Age: 24 and 19.
Gender: Male and Female
Appearance: Phil is 190cm and weighs around 130kg. Phil is stocky, has long, scruffy brown hair and blue eyes. There is a gash that runs from his right shoulder down to the left side of his hip, and a large portion of the left side of his head has patches of hair missing due to several operations. For the last three months Phil has worn nothing but hospital gowns.
Beth is 170cm and weighs around 70kg. The exact opposite, Beth has lost a lot of weight in recent months and it shows in her recessed figure. Beth has curly dirty blonde hair that stops at her shoulders but shares her brother's blue eyes. Her taste in clothes is varied, but Beth will always have something purple on her, even if it is just a clip in her hair.
Personality: Phil's amnesia makes him somewhat malleable and easy to suggestion. He's doesn't understand how the world works or how people should act, and this leads to him being unpredictable, brutally honest and somewhat clueless. Before the accident he was a natural leader and loyal to his team, but that part of him is gone.
Beth was a carefree girl who had to toughen up to take care of her brother. She doesn't like responsibility, and is not a social person. Beth has a temper, but doesn't usually fight or argue unless she feels she is right.
PET Modifications: The PET is azure blue with white buttons and edges, and has the logo of its navi on the rear. Rather than being a standard size PET, the PET is built into a second, slightly larger case which can hold many battle chips, as well as other small items. This compartment sits on the left side, while the PET is mounted to the right.