Operator: Jacqueline (Jacky) Newman
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Appearance: Although Jacky lives in Electopia, her mother's half of the family originally hailed from Yumland, and it is from this half that she retains most of her physical traits. Jacky stands at about 5'-7" tall, with slightly tan skin and a slender figure. Her hair, a very dark brown, is normally done back in a plain ponytail for convenience. This style reveals her forehead, which is somewhat small, owing to the round shape of her head. Her eyes are very dark and her eyelids naturally heavy, with carefully managed eyebrows that are very rarely out of an expressive of pensive consideration. Her nose and lips are notably thin. Her regular expression is a consistent frown, of the sort that makes parents warn about faces getting stuck. Her eyes are normally hidden behind thick, squared glasses with dark rims.

Jacky does quite a lot of lab work, and she is most often found wearing her white lab coat. On the off chance that she is not, she often wears clothes in bland colors. She tends to favor turtlenecks and pants over any kind of dress, although she knows how to clean up when necessary.

Personality: Jacky's personality could be called utilitarian to the point of robotic. She tends to set goals and work towards them independently, rarely bothering to tell anyone what she's trying to accomplish. Her primary interest is acquiring new knowledge. She is academically gifted, but exceptionally physically weak.

Jacky is the type who is nearly incapable of telling a joke or recognizing humor, but it isn't true that she has no feelings or personality. She tends to keep it buried deep down, however, believing that doing so allows her to view life more objectively. She recognizes and typically yields to codes of ethics, but is perfectly willing to waive them if necessary to achieve her goals. She believes she is not interested in making friends, but can often be found observing others from the outside. Unbeknownst to her, she is attracted to creative people and their pursuits, having little affinity to learn about such things herself. She does not intentionally look down on others, but her inability to connect with other people paired with her interests in conversation often make it appear that way.

PET Modifications: Jacky's PET is a completely plain laboratory-white color. The fact that it shows no signs of misuse with such a color is impressive. It connects to the Net without a wire.