Name: Hideyoshi Serioroshi (real name, Yoshitsune Serisage)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Yoshitsune is a well-mannered child who grew up in the Yoka area; his appearance, with thin, brown eyes, black hair cut in a feminine, straight bowl style, and yellow-brown skin tone make his family's descent apparent. He is short for his age, at only 5'7", and has a tendency to be mistaken for a younger man than he actually is. Because of his work in the theater, which involves a lot of movement and discipline, he maintains a fairly decent, if thin, figure. Unlike the rest of the men in his family, he's never had a tendency to grow thick eyebrows, mustache, or beard. Even throughout puberty, he's maintained a very clean face. His facial features are all remarkably even and not very expressive, but with an average, pouty sort of frown that women tend to like. He tends to stand very straight, except when moving, at which point he hunches and holds his hat to his head, as if he's afraid of being recognized (in some ways, he usually is). He's often mistaken for a woman, even at his current age.

Yoshitsune tends to move around dressed in his stage-gear, which, while designed to help him blend into the background, usually has the opposite effect in real life. The outfit consists of a full-black, cloth suit, almost like a ninja's, that is wrapped at the wrists, waist, and legs with black tape to keep the fabric from flapping too heavily. He usually wears a hood, peaked on either side of his head, with a veil that covers his face. It makes him look fairly suspicious, if not ominous, but really, it's standard gear for kokuro who work in kabuki theater. Still, that's no reason he ought to wear it even outside of the theater... but he does, usually.

Personality: Yoshitsune is a young man with somewhat selfish tendencies; he values his privacy greatly and is currently on something of a "soul-searching" quest that is really more dodging the responsibility of inheriting his father's place as lead actor of the Blood-Red Hanamichi, an all-male kabuki theater troupe. He hates being pressured to do anything and usually responds by trying to flee. Currently, he's hiding from his family at his place of work, known as the Burnt-Gold Hanamichi, another all-male kabuki theater troupe, and is therefore very protective of his real identity. Luckily, kabuki theater really isn't mainstream these days, and usually only those in the profession will recognize him by face. He apparently has great acting talent and can both dance well and project his voice.

Yoshitsune is eager to try out lots of things now, but he tends to live vicariously through his navi rather than taking them on himself. He has a tendency to let her speak when possible. Despite his hesitance to take up the family name, he is a huge kabuki enthusiast and holds many things to the standards of the theater, even when they don't make sense. For instance, he tends to project people's names quite loudly upon greeting and has a bad habit of judging people by appearances in ways that don't make any sense to the average joe.

Another oddity of Yoshitsune's is that, growing up surrounded by men and not particularly enjoying their company, he is both fascinated by and extremely awkward around women (excluding only his navi). He has some very perverse thoughts about that, some ordinary, others quite extraordinary. Being technologically illiterate and having lived a lifestyle devoted to the theater, however, he has no idea how to confirm whether or not any of what he believes to be true really is. Yoshitsune usually treats his navi like an older sister, and indeed, they've sworn an oath of friendship... that said, he still looks lecherously at her from time to time, with the same mixture of curiosity and wonder that he gives to other women.

Background: Yoshitsune grew up in the lights of the Blood-Red Hanamichi, an all-male kabuki theater troupe known for their fantastic renditions of classic plays, yielding much more violent versions that often ended in bloodbaths and, where applicable, additional suicides. That spin was very popular with a certain audience and the troupe became one of the better known amongst Yoka's rival groups. A good portion of the success goes to Yoshitsune's father, who was a prodigious kabuki actor. Most of the troupe expected that Yoshitsune would inherit his position and often levied that expectation against him. At the age of eighteen, with the day he'd officially inherit the position fast approaching, Yoshitsune made the only move he could think of to avoid the pressure: he escaped in the night, taking a few things from the others to keep himself afloat financially, then adopted a new life under the name Hideyoshi. He still often forgets to give out that name properly, but luckily, is now seldom asked his name.

Despite his excellent skills in the theater, Yoshitsune applied for a position as a kuroko worker in another theater, that position being one who arranges the set mid-performances in kabuki theater. The only things he holds from his old life are the Blood-Red Hanamichi mascot, Kabuki.EXE, and a few possessions. He does what little work is required of him and spends the rest of his time studying the world he'd never allowed himself to before. Each day holds new experiences and, once or twice, he's felt he's in over his head, trying to live alone. His relationship with Kabuki has helped him get through the change, perhaps more than he realizes, as Kabuki has pulled several strings within the Burnt-Gold Hanimachi to hide his existence and make sure he's cared for. He tends to believe he's more in control of his situation than he really is.

PET Modifications: Kabuki won't settle for a plain, boring PET. Hers is patterned in a white and red striped pattern and has the amazing ability to unfold horizontally. One or two unfolds are convenient, as they reveal a holder for chips and notepad. Further clicks outward will turn it into a giant, functionally useless unfolded fan of empty cases that Yoshitsune has found no use for so far.