Name: Zoe Goldman
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: Zoe's a shortstack, plain and simple. 5'1, 100 pounds soaking wet, and looking to all the world like an anorexic scarecrow. She's pale, not quite pasty, with curly brown hair that reaches down to her shoulders and eyes like tiny hazel pinpoints. She tends to, or at least tries to, stay on top of current fashion trends, making her wardrobe as expansive as it is expensive.
Personality: Somebody once tried to explain the concept of spreading yourself too thin to Zoe, but she already had her hands full with about five other things at the time. Between college, her photography club, her fashion blog, and the occasional Netbattle, it's a wonder she's got any time for sleep. She's a classic overachiever, only barely aware of her limitations and always willing to exceed them.While not strictly eager to make friends, a solid lack of companionship in Zoe's life has made her a bit more receptive towards people, though she would probably punch you if you said it was out of desperation.
PET Modifications: Zoe's PET comes with an attractive forest green casing with silver trim, mostly to match her Navi, along with a mini-flashlight attachment.