OP name: Daemon Zozo

age:19 OP appearance:

5'10", he wears blue jeans that are somewhat worn out around the knees, Along with a dark grey hoodie that has his navi's emblem on the back. He carries his battle chip deck on a steal chain necklace and bracelets. His hair is jet black which naturally gets lighter until it becomes grey at the tips. his eyes are a luminous green with a yellow ring around the pupils.

OP personality:
He is intelligent yet blunt, and doesn't keep his opinions to himself. Most people don't like this, and has caused most people to dislike him. Because of this he loathes the general public, and is a bit stand-offish at first. Once you get to know him he's pretty much a good guy (he just has some minor quirks and bad habits. He has burn scars on his left side starting at the elbow up going onto his shoulder and some of his back, but he doesn't let this affect his mobility (actually he's probably more agile than you average collage) , and usually people don't even know this until he shows them or they find him without his hoodie on. Which doesn't happen very often for the reason that he doesn't want to be pitied by anybody or treated differently.

OP bios:
Daemon has had it hard just to say the least. He was in a hotel fire when he was 12. In which his parents died and he barely survived. Though he was unconscious when he was brought out of the burning building, he was revived on the way to the hospital. While he was knocked out he says he saw his father whom told him his wish that daemon would continue their family tradition of becoming officials... Its seven years later, he is living in his college dorms. He had achieved his fathers' wish of him becoming an official like his father and grandfather did...until the officials disbanded (no fault of his own). *flash back* Presently he is on a smoke break before returning to a meeting with his grandpa and other official members. Daemon is looking for a new net navi after his last one was deleted during a death match tournament to try and gain entry into the midst of the NetMafia. His grandfather said they just brought in a navi that was thought to be deleted after his pet was found completely destroyed in a fire a number of years back, and thought it would be great if daemon were to used him. At first daemon wasn't quite sure about his grandfathers reasoning behind his choice. When looking at the images of jestergiest he couldn't help but state "he looks mores like a crudely stitched voodoo doll with miss matched fabrics than a navi". Though after reviewing his file and seeing him in battle daemon had a completely different view of him, and knew what his grandpa meant by giving this sort of navi to him. *end* daemon lives in collage dorms and occasionally picks up odd jobs from the BBS, but spends most of his time virus busting trying to build his perfect deck.

Pet style:

test trial prototype with expandable touch screen and wireless jack-in capabilities for up to 15 feet. obtained durring his time as an official.