Name: Jocelyn Yard

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Jocelyn is a woman of about about 5'8," with blond hair that bounces and waves with every moment, kept up with meticulously to keep its luster. Her hair is kept short and bobbed like a child's, as it always has been since she was a child. Her hair is combed away from her forehead and often topped with a black, bell-shaped cap that she wears as part of her job. The rest of her uniform tends to change depending on the whims of her manager, but the typical getup is a white, buttoned shirt, black tie, and black slacks. Because of her extraordinarily noteworthy proportions, anything she wears is too tight, not that her manager makes much of an effort to accommodate her. Jocelyn's face is pretty and childlike with long-lashed green eyes, despite never using make-up. She's something of a fascination to the mall-goers where she works due to her appearance. Often, she'll wear white, silk gloves with outfits where they don't necessarily match, such as her uniform, simply out of habit.

Personality: Everything about Jocelyn ostensibly gives her a magnetic personality: she's very kind to others, would never think of betraying anyone, and is eager to listen. On the flipside, she's the worst possible candidate to be a career mall cop that has ever existed. From an early age, Jocelyn adopted a personality whereby she accepted anything anyone told her, learned to think the best of others, and learned to, frankly, give up mentally challenging tasks to the easiest answer that presented themselves. She is naive to the point that she fails to question anything that is asked of her and she has a ridiculously short attention span. Still, she keeps up with friends at the mall and is known for being cheerful and likeable.

Jocelyn's greatest devotion is to the rules others set for her, in the order of Rodney (her manager), her geographically distant father, and then literally anyone else who tells her to do something that doesn't contradict what she's already learned. She enjoys things that are very easy to understand and will often annoy others by giggling at jokes simply for the fact that their jokes without considering subject matter. Once she draws an assumption about anything, it's hard to make her give it up; thankfully (or sometimes, regretfully), she tends to perceive only positive impressions.

Background: Jocelyn is heir to the Yard fortune as the only daughter of the elderly Lord Scott Yard, who owns a tremendous estate in Brightland. He has a hand in politics, business, philanthropy, and generally anything one with money can find power in. His only failing is that he dotes horribly and weepily over his daughter and basically ruined both her education and her outlook on what she should expect from the world with his affections. In the past, she also had an adopted sister named Scarlett, who similarly (but purposely) led her astray before vanishing mysteriously.

Only at the age of 20 did Jocelyn begin to get some independence, although she didn't ask for it and didn't particularly care for it. Still, she obeyed, and went out to get a part time job. To her father's horror, she chose the life of a mall cop at the casual advising of a stranger named Rodney Kidman. Her father has been wrought with regret for requesting that she obey her boss faithfully, as apparently Rodney's authority has trumped his own. Rodney seems to realize this as well as the nuances of Jocelyn's personality and takes whatever opportunity he can to exploit her good nature, sometimes for business, sometimes for pleasure.

Still, her father has been vigilant in ensuring that she stay safe. His first step was to assign her the navi, Sleuth, a well known detective with a reputation for thoroughness. When it turned out that the navi came with her own set of problems and didn't fix a lot of what he was looking for, he reluctantly assigned her a full security detail, which watches her constantly from the shadows. They can often be seen standing around the mall in the uniforms of old Brightland constables and are frequently mistaken for mall guards before vanishing like ninjas.

Jocelyn has no real ambitions at all and is content to continue working vigilantly as a mall cop. While she claims to see it as a great duty and honor, she seldom puts in the work to back up that claim. Her navi is disappointed with the number of small chances for mysteries that slip by as Jocelyn drifts wistfully around the mall. Jocelyn's favorite possession is the segway that her boss gave her, which she rides around all over the mall. She prefers it significantly over the blue buggy her father bought her, which causes no end of tears from her father. Of course, knowing how easily she can be tricked into doing almost anything, Rodney has chosen not to provide her with a gun, a taser, or even a night stick. If she actually judged that someone was committing a crime AND went so far as to try to apprehend them, it is unlikely she'd have any hope of success.

PET Modifications: Jocelyn's PET is a top of the line model designed to mount easily onto other devices with clasps and also function perfectly as a communicator, allowing her father to stay in touch with her (constantly). She often keeps it attached to her segue while it auto-steers. Unfortunately, it cannot auto-operate. The surface always looks meticulously polished and is brown and beige in color.