Operator: Oliver "Owl" Celle
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Appearance: Oliver stands at the height of 5'10 with a lithe body build and a slightly pale skin, often described as a handsome man by other woman. His black hair is always kept short and messy as its clumsily cut by himself and has rather thick stubble that sticks out due to his skin shade. Oliver usually wears his janitor's uniform: light gray dress shirt with a white t shirt underneath, slightly darker gray pants with a black belt that has his navi's emblem as the belt buckle, along with a key-ring that is filled completely around and a dull gold ID card over his shirt's front pocket. [Speech = 808000]

Personality: As a man with enough smarts to be considered a genius, Oliver puts all those intellects into pursuing conspiracy theories left and right. Though he is able to discern what is true and what is fiction or fantasy, it doesn't stop him from taking the simplest things and create an elaborate and quite possibly realistic conspiracy theory behind it. At the same time, even something as absurd as a monster in the lake would pique his interest.

Oliver has still retained his social skills, even after his minor mental issues as he is able to converse and socialize with others in a "normal" fashion...Till any sort of mention of conspiracy theory tips his personality over.

History: Once a promising graduate, Oliver had the wits and smarts that could easily grant him any jobs of various professions, waiting until he was going to finish one last year. Unfortunately, a tragic accident gave him a serious head injury that affected his thinking process in...a strange way. Though he was able to keep his intellect, Oliver had obtained a "mild" case of Schizophrenia and became inexplicably interested in conspiracy theories. For three years, Oliver became the janitor of the college he was planning to graduate from as he gave up on education altogether, creating an "exclusive" club called "Owl's Watch" to investigate any conspiracy theory of any sort.

Despite his ill-fated ways, Oliver is more than satisfied with his life and the students of the university has nicknamed him after the school's mascot, Owl, due to his unrelenting fanaticism to uncover any theory he come across.