Name: Risa Starr
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Risa is relatively short at 5'4", but nonetheless with a certain athletic tone that affords a decent amount of strength and flexibility. Short blonde hair, usually swept to the left, crowns her head, occasionally partly covering darker green eyes. Her clothing itself generally consists of white or bright colors, often a simple button-down, short-sleeved shirt, and more often pants or shorts than dresses or skirts.
Personality: Cheerful and kind can sum up Risa quite well, even if this occasionally extends to a little... hyperactivity. She judges most situations by her feelings; if it's a place or person she likes, she's usually inclined to do something for it, but if it's something she doesn't like, good luck getting her to put any effort in. Even saying this, it's not very easy to get her to dislike something or someone unless they wrong her or a friend, at which point they may get a second chance. This itself denotes a certain stubbornness, and general unwillingness to do such as schoolwork for considering it fairly useless; she'd much rather play around, thus where her Navi comes in.
PET Modifications: Risa's PET contains a scanner of sorts to pinpoint possible jack-in locations within around ten feet radius (not the greatest distance, but it's proven useful at times). It's colored a plain red, and doesn't look like anything special.