Name: Kiri Kisaragi
Age: 23
Gender: Female

As a waitress of the Crimson Blossom inn in Yoka, Kiri is seen most of the time in her yukata outfit, decorated with red colored sakura petals against a red/brownish base color, and a golden yellow sash. Her hair is a very dark shade of brown, and is reaches shoulder length. She wears a pair of oval spectacles only when she is off duty, as her eyes are short sighted. Although the yukata she wears often hides it, Kiri's body figure is well developed. A fact she'd prefer to hide from other people as she believes that outer appearance does not dictate the true beauty of the individual.

Kiri is extremely soft-spoken, silent, and kind. Possessing a humble attitude which places others needs above herself, she exhibits a sense of warmth, a trait she developed after working in the Crimson Blossom Ryokan for 4 years, making her remarkably popular with her clients. Normally she is always smiling, and possesses a remarkably modest attitude. She also shows a personal understanding of Yoka customs and proper waitress duties in her inn, as well as familiarity with the history of the inn itself.

However, while it is uncommon to see her angered, when she does her normal sense of warmth becomes absent, and in its place is an extremely uncomfortable sense of dread. She still maintains a smile and a friendly demeanor, but her statements are anything but friendly. The fact that she is a practitioner of Kyudo, the way of the bow, and a sort of artist with knives, both in the kitchen and in throwing them accurately, are more than enough to deter any additional hostile actions towards her.

PET Modifications:
Kiri's PET is decorated with a floral pattern, but is has a striking orange and red contrast. Kiri's PET is an Advanced Type, with her emblem in the circular section below the screen.