Name: Joseph Sangrelli

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Joey Sangrelli is one gangly teen. The youngest of seven, two sisters and four brothers, he towers above his friends and family at 6'7" and weighs in at only 185 pounds, making him look as he had been tied to the rack and stretched out. Shortly cropped brown hair sits above hazel eyes almost perpetually ringed by a circle of bruised skin, giving stark contrast to his fair complexion. Coming from a big family means hand-me-downs, resulting in shirts that are one size too large (across, not long), accentuating how thin he is, and pants that are too short, causing him to usually wear shorts, even in the winter. His boxing gear shares similar problems to his normal clothes. The family gym, built below the living area, only has one pair of sparring gloves that haven't been claimed by his siblings. The wrist guards on them are much too short to cover his forearms while the gloves themselves are too large for his hands. The boxing shoes are the only articles of clothing that Joey actually enjoys wearing. The faded, supple leather fit around his legs and lower calves like a glove and he often wears them in place of his trainers.

Personality: Those outside the know would call Joey a "jumpy" or "skittish" young man. Joey would say that he's prepared. After 16 years of dealing with Mac and Mike, the Twins, who continually antagonized him, undergoing his father's harsh and rigorous training regimen (which Boxer was more than happy to participate in) and the sheer amount of hits he's taken participating in youth boxing matches, Joey had to develop a quick dodge reflex or he'd be in much worse shape than he's in now. Though he's been boxing since he could walk, Martial Arts movies are his guilty pleasure. This may seem an odd choice, but in the Sangrelli household Boxing is king, as the former Heavyweight is quick to remind his kids. If he suspects anything of demeaning his passion, placing what goes down in the ring below something else, Pops is quick to retaliate, often running the unfortunate soul who called down his ire through the wringer. "Ain't no Sangrelli boy gonna do no flippy-kicks or sissy wrist flicks. If yer gonna fight, yer gonna do it tha' right way!" Despite his hard-knock life, Joey is easygoing and light hearted. He's fiercely loyal to his friends and has often seen the inside of the principal's office for getting into fights against those who wrong them.

PET Modifications: Joey's PET bears a great deal of scratches and scuffmarks, leaving only patches of the original red and black paintjob intact. Embedded in the bottom of the device is an added port, which Pops installed so that it could interface with the old training rig in the gym. There have been numerous times that Boxer has clocked Joey in the face via the robotic torso.