Name: Reilyn Deshire
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Appearance: A 5'3" skinny Netopian lass with long rusty-brown hair often done in a ponytail, with an off-center part and long bangs that barely let petite ears peek out. She has a lightly-tanned complexion and the brightest emerald eyes, and prefers to wear little to no makeup. She usually wears her school's simple uniform of white blouse with short black tie and black skirt, atop unremarkable black sneakers. In the colder months she gets to accessorize with a pullover or vest, gloves, legwarmers, scarf and hat. Out of school she dresses simply in frugal (some would say cheap) outfits that accentuate nothing. At times her gaze seems haunted and empty though if she realizes someone is looking her eyes quickly flash with pride and anger, or at least irritation, and a frown to go with it.

Background: Both parents Netopian, though she has been told she has cousins in Sharo. Mother passed away in childbirth with Reilyn's younger brother, and her father has never recovered. For years now, he has spent most of his days sitting around on government funding, drinking away every spare dollar and leaving his kids to raise themselves. Reilyn's childhood was very short, as she has attempted to be strong enough for the entire family and play both big sister and mother for all of them. She doesn't remember when her father became more violent but she did whatever she had to in order to keep attention to herself and her brother out of the line of fire. Unfortunately her brother decided his father's actions were acceptable behavior for a boy and he became an abusive bully at school and impossible to deal with at home. Within the last couple years her father's abuse has very much crossed the line and left the girl a chaotic maelstrom of doubt, shame and anger. One of his more recent stunts, mild by comparison, was to sell her PET and chips off for alcohol. Fortunately her teacher had a few banged-up spares and by dumb luck or perhaps fate, she became HighwayMan's operator.

Personality: Reilyn comes off as temperamental, anti-social and sometimes just downright mean. Her recent transfer to high school has demoted her from social royalty to the bottom of the pecking order, to her great frustration. Lately she prefers to just be left alone and holds an almost irrational phobia of being touched by her male classmates or teachers, usually resulting in a sharp and violent response. Somehow she has managed to avoid being suspended or expelled, usually by throwing around the word harassment and loudly yelling for them to keep their hands to themselves. Most just pass her behavior off as cracking to social tension, raging hormones and typical teen angst. If there is anything deeper going on she isn't saying and she has told enough teachers, students and counselors to mind their own business for most people to just pay as little attention to her as possible.

PET Modifications: Simply put, Reilyn's PET is worn out school property and a secondhand piece of crap. It has chips out of it's gaudy yellow plastic case, sparse scratches on it's screen and it's chip ejection system is broken, causing chips to sometimes stick and forcing manual unload. The only good things about the thing is it's impossible for her father to sell off and it's so old and damaged, her teacher let her keep it.