Name: Eliza McConnell
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Eliza is not the most feminine girl out there by a wide margin, though she does manage to deviate from the path towards tomboy. She's 5'8" tall, built just a little bit scrawny, and wouldn't be caught dead in a skirt. Her clothing is actually rather simple, given a disinterest in fashion, so Eliza often just wears cheap sneakers, faded black denim jeans, a baby blue T-shirt, and the sad remains of a lab coat, cut down to the point where it might as well just be an unbuttoned over-shirt. Eliza's hair, arranged in bushy pigtails, is an unnatural, very pale pink color, the end result of a rather poorly executed science experiment. Thankfully, nothing excessively bizarre has happened to her eyes (yet), so the color there is just a milky brown, magnified slightly by the glasses on her face.

As a dedicated member of the Dentech University Science Society, it's not a huge stretch to think of Eliza as a science nerd. In fact, she's proud of that. Eliza has loved science from a very young age, and has performed experiments in just about every branch of science to varying degrees of success and failure. Admittedly, she 's more the trial-and-error type who will learn just as much from a test tube exploding as she would from discovering a new planet, but her efforts generally mean well. While she certainly is a nerd to several degrees, Eliza is not reclusive or anti-social, and is in fact quite social and not shy about sharing her thoughts.

Her feelings as to the discovery of the Time Ring are mixed. She knows well that Kina is more slow-paced with her methods than she is, and sympathizes with her Navi being a bit stressed out over trying to keep this crazy time-bending stuff under control. At the same time, though, this is the most momentous time of Eliza's life, and is dying to try out all sorts of things given the power to bend digital space. Really, she's well-meaning, even if her experiments border on the cataclysmic.

==PET Modifications==
One would think Eliza would have a ton of PET mods, but her passion for science stops just short of practical application, and as such she only has a standard Link model, in a white and silver color scheme.