Name: Thomas Brighton
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Thomas is a short boy, about 5'2, and currently sits in that awkward situation of "Haven't hit my teenage growth spurt yet". A late bloomer by all appearances, he lacks any facial hair, retaining the smooth chin of youthfulness. What hair he does have is all on the top of his head; and all of it is a sandy blonde, 1/3 parted on the left side and boy-cut. His eyes are a striking shade of green, the same shade as Regalia's, and his skin is well-tanned from many summers spent at the beach with his friends. His build is still that of a child; while he has some muscle, none of it is "bulky", and his body retains that same, slim look that he's always had.

Thomas usually wears a blue hoodie, with one of any number of shirts underneath of it, a pair of blue-jean pants, and a set of blank white tennis shoes that he has drawn Regalia's symbol onto the top of.
Upbeat, headstrong, and determined to make things go his way, Thomas is what some people would call "spoiled"-- if he was selfish whatsoever. Most of the time his determination is directed at his friends, or situations he sees laid out in front of him; he is a meddler at heart, and any time he sees someone going through darker times, he cannot resist leaping into it and trying to help, regardless of whether or not that actually works.