Name:Paul Garret MacPhearson
Age: 24
Gender: Male

Appearance: Paul is a a young Netopian man who stands at about 170 cm (~ 5' 7") tall. He has an average build, and weighs approximately 65 kilos (~ 143 lbs.). His eyes are blue, but a slight touch of astigmatism forces the man to wear glasses. Paul's hair is black, and he generally keeps it cut short. He also keeps himself clean shaven.

Paul's preferred attire could be classified as dress casual. He likes to wear polo shirts or lined dress shirts, often with a light colored sleeveless vest over it. For pants, only comfortable slacks and a belt will do. For shoes, Paul goes with darker colored walking shoes one could easily mistake for dress shoes normally, but switches to 'loafers when his boss is lurking about. Just add a tie and a dress coat, and he's ready for any formal occasion. Tees and shorts are reserved for vacations and working around the house.

Personality: When it comes to work, Paul is one of those Type-A, driven individuals. This can be a bit of a problem when working with others, as Paul will focus on the task at hand while all but ignoring everything (and everyone) else. Paul is also prone to tuning out the rest of the world and losing himself in his own thoughts. At times like these he is absently polite, yet still obviously not paying attention. As a result, his friends are few and far between. However, those few friends know Paul to be a friendly, dependable, and decent guy. He responds to these people differently then he does people he does not know... in that he responds to them consistently.

PET Modifications: None. Paul carries a government issue LINK-II PET with the red and black Sci-Labs logo on it. It's pretty much identical to any other generic PET sold at your nearest retailer, save for the specialized software in it that allows him to do his job. As with any typical employer supplied equipment, Paul isn't allowed to modify this PET, or else he will be fired.