Name: Gramps
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Appearance: Gramps is a small, and quite chubby, Caucasian child with short blonde hair and large adorable eyes. His clothing varies but usually involves a diaper with dinosaurs of turtles on it and a poufy blue blanket. He is always in a state of the art, chrome and black baby carriage, complete with food dispensers, and television set, and a poop chute. His favorite cologne is baby powder.
Personality: Gramps likes to gurgle a lot, but most people find this habit of his endearing. He is a pleasant child with only the occasional flare up of temper, but most times he displays a winning smile. Never one to back down from a sand castle contest, Gramps has a fierce sense of loyalty to his caretaker, MediocreMan.
PET Modifications: Gramps' PET looks like a traditional model with a chrome and black color scheme. The PET is anchored to the front of Gramps' baby carriage and has the added functunality of controlling the electronic systems, effectively allowing for MediocreMan to care for the infant.