Operator: Bruce Shiner
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Appearance: Bruce is a tall man with an athletic build obtained through training. His muscle is lean and his shoulders are thin. His tapering jawline suggests how thin he'd be without his work to bulk himself up. He has sandy blonde, almost brown hair that always seems frazzled on his head, although he often wears a simple cap to cover it up. His eyes, an almost colorless green, are set in a naturally sad way that doesn't seem to match his natural grin. His slightly large nose and almost constant stubble offsets what many would find to be an otherwise quite attractive face. He sometimes wears large, dark shades, but mostly only if the sun calls for it. His typical dress is a brown bomber jacket lined with dark fur, underneath which is a plain t-shirt. He wears jeans he considers stylishly faded and mussed... in a Hollywood or model way, he claims, though some might see it as teenagerish. He frequently has multiple bandages on his body, although the only visible ones tend to be on his face. A bandage across the bridge of his nose is not uncommon.

Personality: Bruce lives a generally laid-back life. He is fearless and naïve. He tends to prioritize his own interests, usually due to a lack of consideration born from his concentration in his own world. He has a good sense of humor, but often fails to read the atmosphere. Bruce prefers to focus on one thing and do it well. He is happy to put a lot of time and effort into both major and minor undertakings, but can't handle too many tasks or too much pressure at once. He tends to celebrate his victories and fails to learn from his failures. His outlook is that both humans and Navis have unlimited potential within their own design, and that circumstances are never an excuse to not go all-out. He avoids conflict, but enjoys friendly competition.

PET Modifications: Bruce's PET was once bright red, but the color has faded to almost pink. The PET has no intentional modifications, but a lifetime of dents and cuts across its surface.