Operator: Fiona "Finny" Haydn
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: Fiona, or Finny as she would like to be called, is a high school girl from the country of Creamland. As it is common for people of her country, her skin is pale white and her eyes are large and brilliantly blue. Her lusterless orange hair is tied into pigtails and tiny cluster of freckles reside just above her nose. Finny is comfortable wearing clothes of either gender, but she prefers to wear her comfy, orange tank top with an overly-baggy jeans that is barely strapped in by a long white belt. [Speech = Orange (ff9900)]

Fiona with Cambiare (Art by Chardes)

Personality: Finny is a girl who is headstrong and fairly cocky about herself. Because of her straight-forward personality, she sometimes fails to see that she's taking thing at her own pace without realizing that it may become a hindrance to others. She openly admits that she isn't smart, but she's far from ignorant. Finny is an expert in a multitude of musical instruments, ranging from the common piano to the uncommon accordian.

PET Modifications: Finny's Link PET has a special, USB-esque plug placed on the very top used for her navi's special feature. The plug can house special program drives (P.D.) that can actively change Cambiare's form. However, to prevent massive flood of data over short periods, there is a short time limit before Finny can exchange the drives to another version. The PET can change colors according to the drive it's currently holding, but at its default form, has a mixture of gray and black color.