Name: Iakov Brekoniev
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Appearance: Iakov is tall (~6'1/6'2) and fair-skinned. He has dark hair shaved close to his head and a full, equally dark goatee. His eyes are a piercing grey-blue. While not a muscle man, Iakov has a decent build and the combination of his serious manner and solid arms makes him seem like one not to be trifled with. He has a huge supply of dark tee-shirts and practical jeans, which he usually combines with brown work boots, a belt, and a silver watch on his left wrist. His PET is kept in a holster on his belt.

Personality: Iakov looks and seems like a hardened, turnip-eating northern man at first glance. He can be abrasive, but could never be described as mean-spirited; the best word to describe him is "fair." He enjoys challenges (netbattling, arm wrestling) and has an instinctual yet adaptive sense of right and wrong. He, like Tundra, can be competitive, but both in the end try to do what they think is right.