Marcus Richardson
Appearance: Short, pale, and blond-haired, Marcus is the picture of a shut-in. Dressed in unfitted, sometimes dirty clothes (most often a hoodie and some ripped-knee jeans), he is consistently unkempt. His eyes are a dark green, and he most often wears an expression that screams depressed and echoes hopelessness. He almost looks malnourished, underneath his baggy clothes, with a torso and arms that are just a little too thin to be average, and with the sometimes ragged breaths he takes due to mild asthma.
Personality: Marcus is far more capable of optimism and determination than he seems; the problem is that he rarely makes that choice, instead easily falling into old patterns of self-rejection and bitterness. He prefers to spend his days inside, sitting at his computer and browsing painfully obscure websites, some of his own devising, some merely interesting to him-- either that or gaming. His only real trips outside are his trips to the chip and navi shops, prompting Noir to often badger him into making trips there for different things.