Name: Mackenzie Westall
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Mackenzie is tall and lean, at 5'10" and 150 pounds respectively. She has very long auburn hair which reaches to her beltline. She she wears it tied back, with a red elastic hairband on her forehead to keep the unruly front bits pushed out of her face.

Mackenzie wears a white undershirt, washed-out skinny jeans that are frayed at the cuffs, and red sneakers.

Her right arm, from the top of her shoulder right down to the ends of her fingers, is covered by a sleeve of tattoos.

Personality: Mackenzie has a PhD in Not Giving A Crap. She is spontaneous, silly, free-spirited, and has a devil-may-care attitude about almost everything. She can't stand rules or restrictions. Everything she does is disorganized and unplanned (to the observer, at least). She is sociable and friendly to everyone she meets.

Mackenzie lives with her brother Luke and their friend Ian. Together, they are an amateur band called Damage Control, in which Mackenzie is the bassist.

PET Modifications: Mackenzie's PET is a square the size of her hand. Its screen uses a touch-based interface. It is protected by a minty-green gel case and screen shield, given to Mackenzie by Luke after a certain mishap with her last model. Chips are loaded in the top right corner, fitting flush the case. They pop back out automatically once their data has been sent to the resident Navi.