Name: Jack Chesman
Age: 52
Gender: Male

Appearance: Jack Chesman stands five foot eight and weighs one hundred and forty pounds. Being old has had little effect on his build and posture, as he has maintained a firm build and always has good posture. He usually dresses in casual cloth such as a cotton polo style shirt and kahki cargo pants. Sometimes he can be seen wearing classic style kimono, but this is usually only when he is at his antique shop. Jack has little hair left on top of his so most of the time he maintains a shaved head, but sometimes when he is busy and is unable to shave it he has short grey hair in a horse shoe shape around the side and back of his head. Jack sports a long goatie that extends a foot from his face and is completely grey. Jack's skin has a slight rinkle to and no age spots as he takes very good care of his skin. Jack's overall hygiene is impeccable, and as such he is almost always found clean and smelling fresh.

Personality: Jack's age has brought him wisdom and experience, so Jack is normally always calm and collected. Jack has seen and done many things in his long life and because of this little surprises or excites him. Jack is a history FANATIC and anything historic or antique makes him lose his control.

PET Modifications: Jack's PET appear to be made of ancient wood, but this is just a special coating that he had added. His PET also has a codex of all known conflicts, wars, and a complete copy of "The Art of War" on it for quick reference