Name: Dharma Heart Payne

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dharma is a woman of average height, 5'7", with long, straight dark hair. Her body is slender with nice proportions and smooth, light skin. Her face has been known to admire both fear and admiration, with remarkable evenness and bright blue eyes, brought out by mascara. The set of her thin eyebrows is usually upturned, as if she's trying to think of something sympathetic to say to someone, and her lips are usually set into a pleased smile. Her hair is very long and extraordinarily dark and shiny. She always dresses to impress with her fine-tailored suits and her trademark eccentric black labcoat.

Personality: It has been said that those with charisma can become great leaders, regardless of what purpose they devote their leadership to. Dharma is such a person: wily, shrewd, and cunning, but with so much outward charisma that it is difficult to oppose her. She acts like a captain of industry, full of charm, innovation, and caring. Those close to her, however, know that she is actually a card-carrying sadist who takes pleasure in evil almost for the sake of evil.

Dharma is a stranger to all forms of human decency: compassion, empathy, and especially love. All of the emotions she most needs to understand in order to productively run her company are foreign to her, so she's stayed on top purely through her intimidation factor and inherited clout. She has told her research team that she wishes to understand love in order to be able to sell it, but she has made little or no effort to try to fix her personality defects.

Like many eccentric innovators, she can be off-the-handle wacky with her ambitions and has little common sense. Although her chuckle is regularly dignified and lady-like, she apparently has a hidden mad doctor laugh that very few have heard.

Background: Dharma's name, "Heart Payne," is associated with a lucrative pharmaceutical empire with some marginally questionable product history. She has come to believe that true love is one of the great frontiers of pharmacy; an end-goal to be produced through medical means. She's devoted her resources, including research teams, funding, and personal time, to coming up with a brilliant advanced: bottling and selling actual, sentimental feelings. Once she figures this out, she will of course continue to use it in the application of dastardly evil

PET Modifications: Dharma's PET is a special Heart Payne industry issue, black with a white heart on the back. It is worth quite a pretty penny and programmed to help her manage her experiments.