Name: James Tyler

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: James is a man of average build, standing just under six feet and weighing in around 175 lbs. His eyes are muddy brown in color and rest below a strong brow. His nose is sharp, though it appears to have been broken in several places through his life. Thin lips, often spread into a wry smile, lay above a square jaw littered with scruff. Atop all of this is a short cropping of black hair. Though he isn't a muscle builder by any standard, James does have at least decent muscle tone. In most cases, James wears dark-colored T-shirts, jeans and trainers, though he owns a much wider variety of clothes. His usual accessories consist of a high-end digital watch and a ring bearing his family crest, which he wears on a chain around his neck.

Personality: The heir of a slightly less than reputable legacy, James was born into the life of a thief and is next in line to inherit the Shadow Spectre title, which has been passed from father to son for generations. Understandably, James is less than enthused about having his future decided by others and thrust upon him. So, to spite the old man, he turned his back on his family when he was twenty and sought to live his own life. He's typically a laid back guy, content to experience life at his own pace. However, food needs to reach the table somehow, and a series of odd occurrences seems to keep James unable to hold a steady job, forcing him to fall back onto the skills drilled into him by his father and grandfather to maintain his lifestyle.

PET Modifications: No outstanding modifications aside from being matte black with shiny black highlights and JT engraved on the back plate.