Name: Warren Klein Murnane
Age: 32
Gender: Male

Appearance: Warren is a sturdy 5'10" Netfrican man. A blind one. He has short black hair, dark skin tone, and it's safe to assume his eye color is brown.... However, as he wears a visor-like reflective black pair of sunglasses, this isn't confirmed. The rest of his attire consists of... pretty much formal wear. His luggage contains four complete suits whose colors vary from white, to gray, to brown, to black. The full ensemble, complete with reversible belt, ties, a couple of pairs of shoes, button down shirts, and so on. Over this he always wears a dark gray long coat when traveling. He also carries a simple oak cane for navigation purposes.

Note: Everything Warren carries is marked with a plastic braille tag. He's quite well aware of what colors he's wearing because of it, among being aware of other things. He's well prepared, folks.

Personality: Warren is a quiet man of action, and most certainly a realist. (Realist doesn't mean pessimist.) He is polite and courteous towards others. Being blind is no obstacle to Warren's way of life, which is lived in a drifter-like fashion following his 'retirement' from his previous job. He is quiet by choice, preferring to listen and learn from his surroundings before acting upon sensory information. Warren only speaks when he feels he must, as this screws up his ability to listen, and he doesn't like reducing his sense of hearing at all. This may make him seem dull, however he is quite sharp. He developed the XNA codec, and wrote Psi... that should say a little something. He won't admit he did, however, unless future employment is in the offing. Until he finds a steady job, he does work as a GNA contractor... He actually likes this kind of work, so who knows.

PET Modifications: Warren's PET is worn as a wrist watch, connected to a black glove he wears over his left hand. The PET is so small and compact because there is no video screen. There is no video screen because Warren is blind. The glove is a bio-feedback controller and braille monitor. This is how he is able to see and input commands: by touch.

Note: All of his battlechips are similarly labeled in braille on the back side.