Name: Teruko Hotta

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Appearance: Teruko is a tall, athletic woman of about 5'9." Despite her appearance, she struggles from a sort of genetic obesity and has to work unbelievably hard to keep her figure correct, even going so far as to adopt a vegetarian diet (despite her hard work, her figure occasionally fills out in ways she doesn't want it to). Her skin tone is Electopian, her eyes are very thin with dark pupils, and her hair is unremarkable, short, and dark. She tends to dress without regards for fashion; that is, she can usually be found wandering around in a track suit or exercise outfit.

Personality: Teruko is a very optimistic person who dedicates herself hard to tasks where she really wants to affect the outcome; unfortunately, a lot of more important tasks (I.E. teaching) often lose out in terms of priority with unimportant ones (I.E. dieting). She's seen as a bit of a primitive and a hick and has a hard time with new technology. Her mannerisms can be a little boorish. One of her most unfortunate traits is an absolute inability to resist a bet or a challenge. This trait, combined with her sorely lacking game-playing skills, have led to her making and losing some really terrible bets in the past. She lacks tact in so many areas of netbattling that every battle is just as much a learning experience as a fight to win. During the day she works as the gym manager at Dentech and coaches a few minor teams. She is trying to support her navi during her time of hardship.

PET Modifications: Once a high-grade PET with a shining black/red case, Ante's PET was vandalized when Teruko found it. The operator did her best to clean it up, but the case will never regain its luster. Worst of all, the PET still frequently plays provocative music meant to accompany strip poker.