Name: Kari Sullen
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Appearance: Kari's 'battle garb' covered her body from head to toe exposing as little flesh as possible. An over-sized black overcoat that almost went down to her steel toe work boots, sleeves passed her wrists and covered her white gloves; finally the thick collar pulled up around the base of her mask. It was long beaked porcelain mask with a hair strand thick slit along the front of the beak giving it a grim smile. The eyes sockets fit a rather large pair of spectacles that resembled wielders goggles more than anything making it impossible to gauge any expressions while she was wearing it. Finally atop her head was an enormous wide-brimmed felt-crowned hat with her hair tightly tucked in.

Outside of net battling she was dressed far simpler. A pair of cargo shorts and a halter top and hiking boots. Usually black, greens or earth tones. She was short; just barely breaking five foot tall and her build was very slight making her look far less intimidating then when she cosplayed. Her skin was fair, eyes where brown and her hair was black and usually ended up being tied back in a braid, bun or pony tail.

Personality: Her family owns the only mortuary in a small town promising her a job when she graduates and becomes a Funeral Director. It has given her a somewhat twisted view on life and death reflected by her Navigator. At times she was logical and indifferent but she has respect for a person's denominations and beliefs. After all everyone will eventually become a client.

Personal Terminal Modifications: The P.E.T. was roughly the size and thickness of a wallet; its body is crimson with a floral design filling the spaces between the black outer edges. Opening it reveals the keyboard on one side and the touch screen and camera on the other. The PDA had a hand grip at the bottom and the chip slot near the top.