Name: Calder Age: 17 Gender: Male Appearance: Stands at 6'4" and has black hair spiked straight down. Tanned white skin with dark brown eyes appearing lifeless at times. Clothes appear as a white shirt and an open blue jacket with white trimming and light blue pants.(Picture in Avatar) Personality: Calm and collective all out and tries to get to the point often pausing in the middle of a sentence. His IQ ranked him as a genius so he often takes apart things and puts them back together just to test himself (PETs are the most used subject). Sometimes zones out whenever someone is talking because he is thinking to himself. His tampering with his PET and hardware has caused Zeide.EXE to become glitchy. PET Modifications: Black PET with Purple trim. Has a small cooling/heating system on the back of the PET that prevents overheating/freezing thats hardly noticeable.