Name: Turner Gollind
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Appearance: Unshaven, unkempt, and generally unclean are the key words when describing Turner. He manages to maintain a 5-o'clock shadow regardless of what time it actually is, his teeth are tinted yellow from smoking, and his dirty black hair just lays flatly on his head like it's about to die. His eyes are blue, yet what you'll usually get out of them is just a glazed look of disinterest. His face has a very drawn look, as if his skin was trying to shrivel up into a ball, which gives his entire presence a very worn image, and his clothes don't manage much better.

Some people wear clothes along the thought that "if they aren't broken, don't fix them", but Turner takes that to an extreme, "if they are broken, then whatever". A pair of very, very threadbare jeans seem to be the only pair of pants he has, and one really can't help but wonder what is keeping that fabric together. An utterly blank white t-shirt covers his torso, but reveals enough of his arms to show a pretty fair muscle mass, which is pretty much necessary in his physically demanding job of maintaining ElecTown's electrical towers. When he stands up, Turner reveals a solid 6-foot-and-inches body structure, particularly of the "you don't want to mess with me" kind. What Turner usually stands in is a pair of old sports sneakers that, in an indication of their age, aren't even produced anymore. Aside from that basic wear, Turner will occasionally sport a dull gray sweatshirt on cold days, his heavy-woven gray jumpsuit during work hours, and typically will have a cigarette dangling from his lip at some point in the day.

Personality: In one word, despondent. Turner lives a life akin to a robot: wake up, eat, go to work, smoke, get home, eat, sleep. Repeat as necessary until you keel over and die. That's Turner's life plan in a nutshell. He doesn't really want to talk to you, and typically won't, for that matter. What is probably the best chance to get him to talk is to bug him enough to tell you to shut up. He doesn't really want much to do with anyone, and will take the necessary steps to distance himself. He'll occasionally have to force small talk with his coworkers, but that usually doesn't get much farther past than "how's the weather?" on the average day. He keeps in touch with the family, though, in particular his parents-in-law, who are currently taking care of his daughter. Turner doesn't really meet or talk with her much, mostly because he really just can't find the words to say to her.

PET Modifications: Completely normal Link PET. Turner has neither the money nor desire to do anything with it.

Name: Shiri Gollind
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Appearance: If you have ever seen a little kid that was so cute that you decided in an instant that you like children, there is a decent chance that you saw Shiri. Through what might very well be a miracle, she inherited almost all of her mother's genes, leaving little trace of Turner's gruffness in her appearance. She's no taller or shorter than any of the other kids in her kindergarten class, but something about Shiri just makes her shine. Her glossy brown hair is shoulder length by nature, but a small red ribbon usually binds a good amount of it to the back of her head. Her long bangs stop maybe just an inch from her eyes, which are wide, bright, and blue. Shiri's face is very expressional and reveals just about everything she's thinking, making her pretty terrible at keeping secrets or telling lies, not that she really has many secrets to hide at her age.

Shiri's grandparents (Turner's in-laws) give her a pretty good selection of clothes, but one alone is her favorite that she'll just wear over and over. It's a pretty simple knee-length one piece dress, muted red in color, with just a few frills along the bottom and sleeveless arms. Along with that she wears an equally simple white long-sleeved shirt underneath, mostly at her grandparents' insistence because the dress alone really doesn't do much when it's cold. Her socks climb halfway up her calves and reach down into her shoes, which are just a pair of red slip-ons. Shiri hasn't quite figured out shoelaces yet, so it can't be helped. She also has a pink backpack that she keeps all her school stuff in, but doesn't really carry it around much outside of class.

Personality: Naïve, innocent, and curious, as you'd probably expect from a 6 year old. Her youth hasn't given her much of a chance to experience the world, and as such, she has a lot of questions about it. Things like "What does this do?" and "Who is that?" are common queries from her, and she'll typically believe whatever you tell her. The stork, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and all their friends are absolute facts to Shiri, and no one dares to tell her otherwise. Fairy tales aside, Shiri really does like to learn things, although she'd much rather go out and see new things herself than read them in a book, partially due to the fact that she can't read much besides children's books.

Most adults see Shiri as a sweet, well-mannered girl, albeit one that asks a lot of questions. She generally plays nice with the other kids at school too, but an occasional scuffle is inevitable at that age. She'll get mad if you steal from her lunch, cry when she scrapes her knee, and smile when she gets a present. Overall, Shiri's a good girl with a lot of questions, but there's one area where her curiosity stays idle: her parents. Shiri is too young to have remembered her mother, and whenever she asks her grandparents about her, they say to get the answer from her father. Since communication between them is so poor, though, Shiri really knows not much more about her father, let alone how to ask him about her mother.

PET Modifications: No PET.