Name: Vincent Alexander Strife
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Appearance: Reaching nearly 6'1" with soft hazel, almost golden eyes set around carefully, lightly tanned face. His deep brown hair is kept in a neat ponytail that passes down below shoulder blades. Wearing a black button up shirt above white slacks, with a fur lined collar trench coat thrown over it. Black boots to complete the outfit, leaving him ready for any type of weather that may come his way.

Personality: Calm, collected and suave found often with a smile across his lips, he enjoys the finer things in life, and thanks to an upper class family he does just that. Though his manners are usually lacking as he's stubborn, silent and rude when it comes to interaction with others. He can seem benevolent but in truth he loves to see chaos, with his lust for ever growing power and greed that has him seeking the powers the net hides in its depths.

PET Modifications: Redesigned to resemble a classic flip phone from days of old, with a slot to download chips at the base. Screen emits a holo-projection touch screen to allow for a more detailed display of Navi's stats, surroundings, and quick look up in conjunction with information databases. Its solid black in color with wireless jack in port where the old phone's antenna would be located, carried in a small belt case when not being used, along with his battle chips.