Name: David Harold Grisham
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: David stands at 6' 0" and weighs in at around 180 lbs. with a fairly solid build. He is light complected, and has short blonde hair and green eyes. As he grew up in Sharo, he tends to dress lightly, usually favoring a short sleeve shirt and knee-length shorts during most seasons of the year. During the winter, he might wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt, but not anything heavier than that unless visiting his home where it gets really cold.

Personality: David is laid back and generally friendly, if not especially outgoing. He is more forgiving than most and tends to let things slide. His outlook on life in general is 'what will be, will be', which allows him to take a lot more in stride than the average joe and go about his business. This does not mean he's lazy, however, as he is quite a hard worker when things need to be done. He is not especially technically savvy, but can manage about as well as, if not a bit better than, the average net user.

PET Modifications: None. It is exactly what it looks like: a standard PET that wasn't designed with the current occupant in mind. It does have David's name written on it in magic marker though.