Shamus Enron

Age: 18

Shamus is a skinny 5 foot 9 lad whom wears solid color cloths and sturdy pants. His pants are held up by a black belt with a holster connect to it for his PET. He has Hazel eyes and brown, straight hair kept short enough to not be in his face.

Personality: Shamus is mostly reclusive, staying in the background and not standing out in particular. He will not go out of his way to start up a conversation, but if someone does come up to him just to talk, he wouldn't mind talking for a bit. While this sums up his behavior towards the majority of the populous, there are a few people to whom he acts differently towards. Shamus is much less reclusive towards these few people, willing to go out of his way to start up a conversation with them. He appears to have an interest in machines.

PET: A rusty brown casing.