Name: Aelieth Hadrok

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Aelieth Hadrok is slightly taller than average height, topping out at about six feet even. A shock of short brown hair sprouts from his scalp, while piercing blue eyes sit beneath a strong brow. His appearance is pretty run of the mill for a Caucasian male; his face is moderately handsome and will often sport a fashionable pair of reading glasses when he's working at a computer, his build is lean with little definition to his muscles, and he usually wearing clothing that's loose upon his frame, yet still comfortable and a pair of worn sneakers. One of the quirks he's picked up is the 2X lab coat he'll sometimes wear while diligently typing away at a computer. The thing is obviously much too large for him and is usually draped over his shoulders rather than worn properly, not to mention the fact that a computer lab, though a lab, is not the first place one would expect to see a garment usually used in for chemistry or medicine. Still, he figures, a lab is a lab, and where else would he get the chance to actually wear the thing without drawing too many odd looks. Though he's loathe to admit it, the coat serves another, less noticeable purpose: it acts as a kind of barrier, a wall if you will, to protect him from the kind of social torment he underwent throughout grade school. His hope is that, by forcing himself to overcome his social anxieties, the lab coat will eventually find a permanent home in the back of his closet.

Personality: Aelieth was a shy person, usually keeping to himself and watching others go about rather than vying for the center of attention. Don't misunderstand, he's very friendly and open once you get him to talk, but doing so was usually easier said than done. Usually when he's addressed (he rarely started conversations on his own), he'd freeze up after the basic "Hi. How are you." phase of the conversation, drawing blank after blank on things to add to the conversation. Needless to say, this particular aspect of his personality has caused countless instances of people mistaking his silences for rudeness and exiting the exchange shortly afterwards, which only served to strengthen his social awkwardness.

Tired of the way he was, Aelieth did what few of the socially inept actually succeeded in and decided to force himself to change, to be able to function as part of society without crippling anxiety attacks. The effort worked, for the most part, and he is now able to not only participate normally in conversations, but has even garnered enough confidence to start them himself, though larger groups still cause him some discomfort. Through his crusade of self improvement, more and more people are able to see him for who he truly is, rather than how his emotional walls made him appear. He's now quick to give his perspective on topics being discussed, though he has the habit of keeping his opinions to himself if he thinks they might harm the fragile connections he's beginning to build with others. He has a love of most games, and will share what he knows about them eagerly, which makes him come off as kind of dorky at times. Still, he's striving to be rid of his anxieties completely, and by making himself do what goes against the ingrained defenses he erected to protect himself, he's well on the way to achieving his goal.

PET Modifications: Aelieth uses an older model PET than most, a result of buying his secondhand. The faceplate is gunmetal gray with green highlights embedded in a simple design. Normal PET features are included, as well as a customized hologram projector installed for Holoß.