Name: Burt Blanchard

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Appearance: Burt Blanchard is a pale, relatively unhealthy man due to a lack of time spent outdoors. He has a very thin, lanky body, with a height of about six foot two. His long, dark hair and soft features often get him mistaken for a woman at a distance. Up close, however, his face when relaxed has a relatively impressive look, with sharp eyebrows, high cheek bones, and an intense face that is still relatively free of aging. Unfortunately, he almost never keeps a calm expression, which suits his face far better than any exaggerated expression would. He almost always wears his silver, half-circle glasses.

He knows absolutely nothing about style and owns only one suit, which he is obsessively careful with. His usual dress code includes articles such as sweaters and slim-fitting pants. He has a bad tendency to think that he can wear his bedroom slippers wherever he pleases, but when he dresses up he remembers to wear his shining black shoes.

Personality: Burt is seen by most as an over-the-top, obsessive crackpot. In years past, he could be seen as a relatively normal bookworm, a little anti-social but a bright and intelligent conversation partner. Now, however, he has been overtaken by a religious theory he calls "Counterinfectualism," and besides the ridiculousness of the theory itself, he seems to be spiraling downward into a state where it effects every aspect of his life. On the bright side, he gets out a lot more than he used to...

Burt's major hobby is reading and writing. Composing works on his theories now takes up a large part of his life. While maintaining a job teaching religious studies to grade schoolers, Burt himself has lecherous tendencies (even towards children) that he is unabashed about. He views it as an absolute tragedy that he has been without love for most of his life. He has far too little common sense as to what is traditional practice for people in today's age, or for his own age group. He can be quite unmindful of his own health.

He often tries to exorcise things himself in real life, but the process generally consists of unreliable phrases and hand motions that have little possibility of actually working. The reason for this, outside of the question of whether gestures would normally work as a tool of exorcism or not, is that he made these particular ones up entirely by himself with no real basis.

PET Modifications: The PET that Burt uses is relatively unremarkable, a white base with silver secondary color. He views it as "A tool of righteousness" and is therefore very protective of it, carrying it around in a special locked case that looks like it ought to be used for some important book.