Name: Antoinette Smith

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Antoinette is pretty average in terms of height and weight. Her hair is (dyed) black, and is artificially straightened. It's long enough to hang just past her shoulderblades. Her eyes are permanently half-closed, it seems, and are nearly always looking down. Because of this, it's hard to gather what colour they are, beyond 'dark'. Her posture is awful, dictating years of curling up in an enclosed space over a computer keyboard. Her fingers are long and spidery. They are accustomed to typing at high speeds, making them quite nimble. The nails are chewed down.

Antoinette wears an awful lot of black on a daily basis. She doesn't leave home without her Gatsby cap, overcoat, and white scarf that can be worn loose around her neck or tucked in like an ascot. She also comes with combat boots, black skinny jeans, and striped grey arm-warmers.

Personality: Antoinette is low-key and unobtrusive. She speaks in a quiet voice that carries no hint of emphasis or inflection. She doesn't like getting involved in things if she can help it. She can't hold down a steady job to save herself, and has no idea what she's going to do with the rest of her life.

Antoinette likes to write poetry. It's allegedly meant to 'crystallize her deepest feelings.' Her poems are very bad, but people tend not to tell her that. She's the author of a blog entitled "Hush, little razor blades on the doorstep of my blackened soul." The name shifts on a regular basis. As one may guess, not many people read it.

PET Modifications: Virtually none. Antoinette's PET is a very generic model with a very generic colour scheme. Its only customizations are various scratches and dents to its casing.