Name: Tyrone Richards

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Caucasian, average build, around 6'2". Naturally spiked black hair, with brown eyes slightly larger than the average male. Chest slightly developed into 6-pack but nothing outstanding. Long scar on left side of back from last rib bone to start of pelvis (due to a car accident). His fists are usually vein-covered in appearance, enough to scare most people out of his handshakes. Most of Tyrone's height is made of his legs rather than his torso. Clothing of choice: anything rather thin with short sleeves that conceal his scar, and long jeans. Tyrone doesn't have pierced ears, but he can be occasionally seen wearing a chain. Prefers black socks and sneakers over any other footwear.

Personality: Anybody would assume from a distance that Tyrone is an outcast that keeps to himself and rarely associates with anyone. On a closer inspection, you would begin to believe it's strictly for appearance only, that there's a sweet, innocent boy beneath it all. Talking to him, however, will simply reinforce your first opinion. Tyrone's trust is hard to earn; most people consider him a lone wolf that prefers to work alone. However, this is probably as far from the truth as possible: Tyrone loves companionship. He is well aware though of what traitors and scum in general are capable of. Tyrone is fully honest only with Underrun; a bond that always proves useful in tough situations.

PET Modifications: Heavy-duty black armour casing: to resist drops, throws, and even most commercial high-end acids. Homing beacons: for keeping track of team members (max of 3). High-capacity battery: lasts even longer without a recharge. Laser light: for dark situations.