Name: Tsumari Mokujin (Eastern order; Mokujin is his given name)
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: "The prettiest man you'll ever meet" is often how Mokujin is described by those who inquire of him. Indeed, his features go far beyond the simple bordering of feminine; his long black hair falls just above his waist, long bangs cut so they float just over his deep azure eyes. A serious expression constantly sits upon his face, serving as his only truly masculine feature. He stands at 5'10", and is slight of build, extensive training made evident from his bodily tone (as if anyone ever sees that). His attire commonly consists of a short-sleeved dress shirt that is constantly unbuttoned, revealing a t-shirt of contrasting color worn underneath it, along with a pair of baggy black jeans; it should be noted that these clothes are never ironed. His shoes are a simple pair of very old, worn-out gym shoes, the soles held together by various strips of masking tape; despite repeated reminders to purchase a new pair, he insists that "they're still good".

Personality: Mokujin's personality is that of a great oddball; it is a blend, consisting itself of the calm natures of universal apathy, while subsequently infusing itself with the violent tendencies rivaling that of a sadist. As a result, Mokujin has little trouble considering killing the first (and best) solution to any problem, often suggesting or even offering to do so without hesitation. Aside from these moments, he is a man of few words, speaking only when he deems it necessary; a loner at heart, he has little interest in conversing with others when it is of no benefit to him, with few exceptions. These mannerisms are most highly expressed toward adults, with whom he seems to hold a universal grudge toward. For this reason, he does not attend school, and is very poorly informed about his surroundings as a result.

Skills: Mokujin's regular offers of death are well-backed in all forms; as a master of various martial arts, he expresses the utmost skill in the field of combat. Above all else, he favors the art of swordsmanship, even going so far as to call it "the supreme art that surpasses all others". As a sub-result, he possesses peak athletic ability and grace, as well as a highly disciplined state of mind. On the side, Mokujin is a highly capable singer of the tenor octave; a fact found highly surprising by all.

PET Modifications: Mokujin's PET is a common model, colored entirely black, with the exception of its outer edges, which are embroidered with various Japanese symbols representing a form of death.