Name: Mill Alidine
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Mill's a scrawny sort of guy, seeing how he's a fairly normal 5'10" tall, but is lucky to weigh in at more than say, 150 pounds or so. It's just a genetic trait he took from his mother, and there's really not a whole lot he can do about it for better or worse. He's been trying to clean his hair up a little since taking over the parts shop, but his messy locks of brown hair flat out refuse to stay in one place for more than a few hours at a time. Lately, Mill's been opting more often for contacts for his green eyes over his glasses, but those seem to come and go on a whim. A ho-hum white T-shirt adorns Mill's body along with his long-time olive green jacket, though he is willing to part with the latter in warm weather. His cheap and worn white sneakers aren't going to be making anyone jealous in the near future, and above those he wears a pair of khaki cargo pants, whose big pockets are loaded with various tools of a hardware persuasion. Mill's happy to take a repair call at his shop, so just for convenience he carries all that stuff around. Screwdrivers, tweezers, flashlight, wire cutter, box cutter, a low-grade circuit welder... Yeah, he has issues making it through airport security.

More often than not, Mill's a calm and collected person. Is he proud of that? Seeing how it's due to a total desensitization towards the strange and unexpected that he's experienced ever since getting Anyis as a Navi, no, he is not proud of that. It's a very bittersweet feeling, because while Mill hates getting into those weird situations, experience has made him good of getting out of them. He doesn't even look for trouble, and even tries to actively avoid it, but with his Navi being who she is... well, trouble will find Mill if need be. He can come up with a pretty solid plan if forced to, but the battle before the battle is often getting Anyis to agree to it. The two of them often argue, or at least barb each other, over everything from strategy to TV shows.

That said, Mill's mood has been better ever since he took over the parts shop he was working at in Electown. Presumably having his concerns over his future addressed by this is the cause, but anything really would be accepted for reasons if it meant a happier, nicer Mill. He had found an interest in electronics while first working at the shop, so running the shop himself at the mere age of 20 is almost too good to be true. Mill talks into his PET often, perhaps more often than most, but that might just be a result of Anyis being an abnormally outspoken Navi. Outside of his interactions with his Navi, Mill isn't shy, but will bite his tongue before shoot himself in the foot. This is particularly true with girls, as Mill has learned to be very careful with his words as he lives alone with a teenage little sister.

==PET Modifications==
Turns out severing the power cable on a running PET wasn't a good idea. A re-examination of his custom second-generation PET found that a lot more of its innards got fried than Mill had first thought, and as a result, he had to trash his long time pet project. After a bit of mourning (and some prodding from Anyis), Mill picked a lightly used Link PET out of his store's unsorted stock and wasted no time in making a new project out of it. Almost immediately, the front cover and screen were torn off, and in their places Mill put a touch-screen big enough to cover almost the entire device. The rest of the plastic plating was also soon replaced, with a streamlined white and dark blue set more fitting to Anyis. Naturally, Mill did not neglect the internal hardware of his new PET either, effectively ending any last claims this thing had to being a Link model. Integrated wireless jack-in, expanded harddrive, full touch control, triangulated holographics... and while software is not his strong point by any means, Mill has found some fun applications for this thing. In particular, the digital touch keyboard is nice, an adjustable environment control makes Anyis happy, and probably more-so than anything, Mill has fallen in love with this one program that saves a temp copy of any 30 chips he slots into the PET, effectively giving him a digital folder. Now he can finally stop excavating his pockets every virus battle!