Name: Yamazaru Kagakusha
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: He's usually found dressed in a white lab coat, slightly baggy blue pants, and a red polo shirt. He wears a pair of square glasses whose lenses cover his eyes. The rim of the glasses is stainless steel. His hair is dark brown, short, and combed back at most times. His eyes are a deep jade. His skin is pasty white, and if he spent time outside he would get a tan, and his hair would change to a coppery color. He is slight (wimpy) of build, and has the air of a scholar. If he's well employed, he always stands tall and has a smile on his face, towering over many people at 6'10. If he's broke, unemployed, or has a reason to be depressed, he slouches and walks with a very strange bent leg gait that makes him appear to be around 6'0.

Personality: Strange, if nothing else. He will follow his whims, seemingly at random. He generally analyzes things and takes time to plan ahead. On the times that he doesn't plan ahead, he acts on guy instinct. This is generally if he's drunk and programming something. He tends to shy away from booze, the last time he was drunk and allowed near electronics he built a taser out of a potato and some headphones.

PET Modifications: It has a keyboard attachment. It's solid grey. It has wheels on it's side that allow Pol to drive it around at a maximum speed of 15 mph. Which is about how fast a normal person can sprint. Pol usually doesn't care to pilot his PET unless he's escaping someone.

Note: he has a job. He does computer programming. He has a PHD.

Edit: Just realized I can claim old forum benefits...not that I'll have many.
According to this, the only things I qualify for are:
Sword, Shotgun, and Elecbomb.
Charge +1, and Rapid +1.

This totals out to-
Chips yamazaru owns:
Cannon, Shotgun X2, Elecbomb, Rageclaw, Sword

Navicusts will be covered in the Pol thread.