Name: Kakkoii Kure-Ji "Kure" (pronounced Kooh-rey)
Kure Notara before the divorce

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kakkoii usually dons a pair of basic good-fitting dark blue jeans with deep pockets to thrust his hands into. He also favors collared, brightly-colored polos over tee-shirts. Kakkoii wears basic black sneakers and low-cut socks. He usually carries a phone or some other communication device in a special case on his belt, and some form of entertainment at the times of inevitable boredom.

Kakkoii has medium to long (natural) straight blonde hair, despite his Japanese dubbing. His eyes are indistinguishably dark, almost to the point of blackness. He's of a truly mashed-up origin, at a point where it has no point trying to name them all; but he appears to be a really tan white kid. He's got your basic teenage face, always trying to analyze and associate simultaneously; but still not with the baby fat completely stripped off.

Personality: Kakkoii is your average fourteen-year-old. Annoying at times, he's filled with raging hormones and urges from society that he's still trying to get used to. Despite this, Kakkoii remains an energetic high schooler that's usually, but not always, ready to rush into a situation without further thought. He hasn't got any affinities to good or bad yet, although it would seem that he leans towards the arrogant pest that adults seem to stereotype teens with. He's still trying to decide what he really wants to do, leading to general indecision on some matters.

PET Modifications: Dark green fringe and black for the main color scheme. It has a protective hard-plasticky clear seal, which is waterproof and will protect from drops and bangs of any magnitude.