Trenn Hiyazaku
Navi Prosecutions, Officer
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Description: Around 6'2 tall, with a lanky build and slightly tanned skin-- albeit with an average complexion. His hair's a dark brown color, pulled back into a small ponytail that, despite urging from his friends, he refuses to have cut off. Trenn's normal attire is a gray undershirt and a brown leather jacket, with a large pair of musical notes overlaid across each other in an embroidered design on the back. He also wears a pair of blue jean pants, with a pair of gray socks and a pair of brown shoes finishing off the ensemble.

Personality: At first take Trenn comes across as normal, if a bit smart. Generally good at being upbeat even when he doesn't feel like it, he's also outgoing in most things he does, refusing to let much keep him down. At the same time, however, Trenn sometimes worries that his smarts can intimidate some people-- there's also his bad habit of speaking wordily, which can be confusing for others-- or so he thinks.

PET shiz: Trenn's PET doesn't differentiate from the norm that much, aside from two key differences: the first is its color scheme, a twinge above cream yellow with a sky blue trim, and the second is the fact that Trenn installed an advanced hologram projector in it. He's known to use it for many things, such as having a keyboard on the go, having holographic music notes pop up all over the place when he gets a call, etc etc, with the most notable aspect being having a smaller version of Soundman sitting on his shoulder almost constantly. A tiny hologram of Wiz is known to pop up from time to time around Trenn as well, a fact which annoys him to no end-- That navi is a handful, after all.