Virgil "Monty" Junker
Age: 35

Monty stands at about 5'7 feet tall. His body is skinny, covered in many scars. His eyes are a green color, with his long hair white and kept out of his face by a blue band with a clock painted on it. He tends to wear white pants, with few pockets in them, and a white long sleeve shirt... must like the color white or something. Sometimes, he wears a white lab coat over his normal attire. Aside from all of this, he is a bit stronger then his size lets on, along with immense Hand-eye co-ordination, hearing abilities, and is quite nimble with his fingers. Unfortunately, he also has a calcium deficiency and CIP (Congenital insensitivity to pain).

Monty, even though he has CIP, is rather happy go lucky. He rather enjoys most of life, and tends to look on the brighter side of almost everything. Hell, he sometimes jokes about his injures. His happy attitude is mainly because he knows that he could end up killing himself by accident or from something that only real symptom is pain, and so he mine as well enjoy life till that happens to him.