Name: Damian Phobos(real last name: Corkal)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Definitely not the type of guy you'd want to meet in a dark alley. Standing at slightly under 6 feet with a pale, skinny body, Damian looks like something you'd see in a vampire novel, especially since he went out of his way to get red contacts (he thought baby blue eyes weren't scary enough). With matted black hair and clothes to match the goth theme, Damian's skin looks even paler than it normally would. He usually spends his time relaxing by smoking cigarettes or bustin', and doesn't officially have a home. He's slept in several interesting locations, including an abandoned asylum, a broken down fun house, and even a condemned opera house that was being explored by children when he showed up, and will tell you stories about what happened, most of them untrue.

Personality: If Void could be considered lawful evil, and Imp chaotic evil, Damian would have to be neutral evil. After finding Void when he was a kid and running away from home soon after, Damian has been along mostly for the ride. Picking up traits from both his navi and prog, Damian is a balance between the two. Like Void, Damian has an easygoing pace to the world while the goal oriented mind of Imp. Casually heading towards the future, Damian keeps an eye out for opportunities for fame and fortune, while trying to avoid the people after them. He'll sleep wherever he gets the chance, not really having a home anywhere and grabs any opportunity to get closer to the mysterious DOTA Imp keeps muttering about. Not easily angered or scared, Damian has a smooth operator appearance to him as he speaks his mind openly. Due to his childhood though, he has a deep hatred to bullies or people who try to control others through force, and will try to undermine them at every turn.

PET Modifications: Damian has a special speaker in the back of his PET that emits a low frequency sound that can produce fear in people that hear it. Being exposed to it a lot has made Damian indifferent to it, but it can get to him after a while. The speaker can also emit ultrasonic messages, which creates the effect of a 'sound spotlight' that allows Void and Imp to 'whisper' to one person a fair distance away. The practical application of this is overlooked, and is instead used to make kids at the park paranoid.