Name: Desmond Suo
NetNavi: Tennisman.EXE
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: Desmond is of Choinese decent, approximately 5'11" with tanned skin. He has short, brushy hair and wears glasses with thin frames. He also has a fairly muscular build from regularly playing sports.
Personality: Though he comes from Choina, he carries no particular feelings of patriotism to his home country, preferring the Electopian way of life. Though very extroverted and friendly, Desmond is also somewhat stubborn once his mind is set. He is not particularly clever and frequently mixes up the meanings of common phrases. Due to this inadequacy, he regularly lets Tennisman take command when virus busting and only takes on the role of slotting in chips. He finds it more amusing to watch his navi battle than actually plan any strategies himself. On occasion, he does make his own decisions by sending chips that were not requested but usually only during desperate situations. Outside of his online life, Desmond enjoys many sports including soccer and volleyball but enjoys tennis most of all.
PET Modifications: A red PET with a crisscrossing mesh of tennis racquet strings covering the screen. A layer of black leather is adhered to where his hand would normally grip the PET.