Akio Eran
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: He has black hair that is long in front yet short in back. All of which he keeps from his eyes using a red headband. he wears large clothing. Mostly seen with a white teeshirt which almost passes his knees and pants so large that he has to tuck them into his boots which seems a couple sizes too big for him. This kinda shows his interest in unusaully big things.

Personality: He is a kind-hearted person and will help just about anybody in need which makes him sometimes gullible also very curious with the new termonology meaning he will ask a lot of questions. He wanders many places and never really has a place to call home. He's very patient, and even speaks in very kind tone. He is often very creative in desperate situations and sometimes laid back with unconditional faith that everything will be okay.

Akio recieves his navi from a lab proffesor as a token of appreciation for his voluntary assistance. He's no longer the only kid without one.

PET Mod: Due to Akio's lack of knowledge using high technology. He simply has a belt hook to keep it on his person.