Name: Brad Vidler
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: A young man with an average build, tan skin, dark-brown and short hair, diamond-blue eyes, and no (obvious) muscle buildup. He has a small scar on his lower left cheek, and will rarely ever talk about it, even when asked. When it comes to clothes, Brad prefers to wear T-shirts over jumpers, and cargo pants over jeans; for colours, he prefers bright colours over dull ones, but will still wear black and silver.
Personality: Usually nice and willing to help those who genuinely express decency. However, Brad can expose a dark side to those he feels aren't 'decent citizens'. To people who fall into that category he is harsh, cold, and generally unsupportive. However, it takes a lot to be seen as useless in Brad's eyes. Brad can also be cruel, inconsiderate, and unthoughtful, but only in extreme circumstances when emotions are running high.
PET Modifications: Yellow casing with black button (yellow writing on these). The screen is rounded rectangle in design, with orange slot-in casing and... not much more.