Name: Kurt Benniford
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: Most often times Kurt is seen in his navy blue jumpsuit, simply adorned with his name stitched on front in small lettering and his company logo (Harmonics) etched across his backside. When not working, a simple patterned shirt and black slacks are his typical attire. He doesn't usually stand at his full 6'3" height, hunched over when irritated and slouching when relaxed. His short, spiked, sandy-brown hair and scraggly stubble on his chin suggests that he cares little for his looks, yet the red tinted sunglasses he always wears suggest otherwise.

Personality: Brash and short-tempered, Kurt tends to fly off the handle whenever anything goes out of the ordinary. This tends to happen quite often as he prefers to plan ahead when it comes to everything, albeit short-sighted in most cases. However when he finally does calm down, his judgement and insight are second to none. Under any other circumstances, he tends to remain overall cheerful or sarcastic.

PET Modifications:
-Detachable four-point speakers (Fifth point hard-wired into PET).
-High-end headset for excellent-quality audio recording and playback.
-Cable and Wireless Jack-in capability (IR port reserved for headset).
-Silver casing with two lime green stripes running horizontally across the center and a "Harmonics" logo on back.