Name: Simon Glash
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Appearance: Simon Glash is a tall, lanky, dirty human being. His eyes are a dark, almost black, brown, and his lips are thin and pail. His hair is a grimy, slicked back dark blond, and his nose is small and stumpy. Simon has a dirty blond goatee that covers most of his chin as well. He stands in at 6'5", making him taller then most other people, and weighs 143 pounds, most of it muscle. Simon has an unnaturally pale complexion. His finger nails are dirty and his fingers are long and thin.
Simon usually wears a large blue or red T-Shirt and a black windbreaker on windy, rainy, or cold days. Covering his legs he wears baggy jeans that are held up by a leather belt with a pure silver belt buckle (the most valuable thing he owns). He wears brown dress shoes over his large feet, although most of the shoes tend to be covered up by his jeans. Simon also wears a rosary around his neck and a rusty gold bracelet around his right wrist, although you usually can't see it due to the windbreaker. Simon also tends to keep his left pinky finger's nail colored black, but he never colors any other of his fingers.

Personality: Simon isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. He's not even very street smart, despite the fact he's lived in various rundown apartments in downtown areas his entire life. Of course he's not stupid, per say, just not smart, having achieved a straight C average all through his school life. Simon leads an odd sort of existance. Despite having grown out of the poor white trash environment he was raised in, having a well-paying job and fronting a popular local area band as a past-time, he still prefers run-down hotel rooms and beaten up apartments to not so beaten up apartments or a house, and he seems to move from apartment to apartment constantly, most likely to help cover up the increasingly illegal activities of his netnavi. He's also strangely ignorant, caring little for knowing about things like drugs and sex, and yet seems to know almost too much about things like violence and robbery, as well as his obsession with heavy metal. Despite all this, Simon is often incredibly happy, and it's hard to make him sad or angry. He greets each day with a smile, always pushing forward into the unknown.
PET Modifications: A shiny black color scheme with a Chrome lining.