Name: Emma Capulet
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Appearance: A relatively short girl who looks fairly young for her age. She wears a red bow in the back of her long, slightly wavy blonde hair, and a white dress that flares at the edge almost unnaturally. Her skin is fair, and she has striking blue eyes, though her eyelids never seem fully open. A strange white tie adorns the uniform at
her neck. She also wears white, fitting gloves and boots, as well as white stockings. The bow in her hair has a pin with her Navi emblem on it. She often carries a red purse that bears the emblem as well.

Her cold weather clothing is a heavy red jacket, with white fur low at the rim beneath her knees, and sleeves that cover her entire hand. A white scarf finishes the look.

Personality: Emma grew up with parents who stayed out of her lives, only tending to her needs when she wanted something; therefore, she has become spoiled and also naive at the age of fourteen. Her parents are the lead designers for a clothing industry, and still appear to be madly in love. Emma felt the need for attention, but found that she couldn't get any by acting up in her classes. Eventually, she reclused. She has extremely naive views concerning love and passion despite her obssession of it. She has a somewhat condescending personality, though she often goes through mood swings and can be very defensive when her Navi acts up with other people. She is quite capable of carrying on energetic conversation if someone else starts it. She tends to rush into decisions without thinking.

PET Modifications: Her PET is encased in a pink frame with some sort of glitter on it, though not childishly applied: obviously the work of custom design. She has many useless functions downloaded on to her PET that she got on whims, such as noise and music files.