Name: Walden Ausink
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: A boy with thin blue hair, showing some strands that seem to lack color here and there. He seems somewhat thin, though not unnaturally so, with pale white skin and an average height. He has very translucent dark pupils in his wide eyes, which always have a somewhat sad look to them. Despite this, he always seems to wear a wide, thin lipped smile. He normally wears a heavy white fleece jacket with the design of waves around the bottom edge, along with black cargo pants and T-shirts of various colors and sandals. He keeps his jacket on even in warm weather. He has a white hat in a fisherman's style, but with no lures. He also wears a pair of plastic light-blue goggles on cold days.
Personality: Walden lived a normal life with many friends, until at the age of 13 he was found to have contracted an undiagnosed disease. At this point, a nasty rumor spread that it was a contagious disease among his friends, and though their claims were entirely unjustified they distanced themselves from Walden. He moved from his old school Electown to one in ACDC after the unwanted attention seemed to be affecting his personality in school. Since nobody in the new school knows of his disease, kept mostly discreet by his parents and the school faculty, he's fit in well.
Walden's disease means he becomes weak very easily, so he prefers to stay indoors when possible, but his hat and coat are able to shield him from sunlight adequately enough most of the time. He seems to be very vacant, and often loses himself in thought. He likes meeting new people, although he's very awkward and stumbles in conversation. He surprises his friends often, though, with unexpected swings between sudden enthusiasm or unexplained gloom. He's not emotionally unstable, just prone to be indecisive and change his position. He is an avid Netbattler, because seeing his NetNavi in action gives him hope when he becomes down over the condition of his own health. He is also proud of his artistic ability.
PET Modifications: The PET is a sky blue color that seems to have blue paint dabbled on its frame at spots. The grips are white, and it normally looks pretty clean, as though it were rarely used.